May 8, 2014

A new blog.

Hey folks.

I've decided to switch over to Ghost for blogging - I ended up neglecting my blog since I didn't really want to use Octopress any longer, especially when it came to maintaining SSH keys on my personal server, cloning repos, making sure my local development environment was up to date for publishing random thoughts, etc. I only really needed a fairly frictionless way of writing thoughts down without having to pop open a terminal.

I'm likely going to try to import as much of my old blog as possible - I didn't see an easy way to do it, but thankfully, since Ghost supports Markdown, it shouldn't be too awful.

So, what's new?

I'm unemployed at the moment. Yep. I can't speak too much to that effect, but I am free for work if anyone wants a systems engineer who has worked on very large, reliable, performant systems handling lots and lots of tps.

I've started playing a lot of League of Legends - bronze II so far, but eh, oh well.

I've been traveling to various places over the past few months, and over the next couple of months. I had a trip over to NYC for the first time last October, and am going back over there for nine days at the end of May, which is super exciting. There's a kind of honesty and energy there that you just don't see on the West Coast sometimes...

TL;DR: things are good, out of a job, traveling, Octopress is a pain in the ass.